Rules, Restrictions and Tasks

This is our first D/s relationship.  We are learning and growing together.


1. You are Mine.

2. You are not allowed to be with any other man without my permission.

3.  When permission is given, you must be passionate and share the details with me.

4.  You may not pm with other men in chat rooms, unless you have my approval.  My approval is given for men  in which I am aware of your acquaintance.

5.  Your last communication of the day must be to me.  This includes if you get interrupted in the night by a wayward text or call.  It must be a text or a post here unless we have the rare opportunity to fall asleep on the phone or (and the thought sends a bit of a shiver down my spine) in each others arms.

Exceptions:  Your son or any other of your live in guests whomever they happen to be at the time who might require your attentions throughout the night.

6.  First thing every morning, send me a text to let me know when you begin your day.

Rules while He is away:

Cyber:  Okay love, you may cyber but only once and you must record the deed afterward as best you can.  This does not include playful banter or flirting in JK (thats always allowed). This is not a task but an allowance if you find yourself in need of an online intimacy while I am away.

Phone/Cam:  Obviously I speak only in the context of misbehaving on cam or on the phone but I will allow it under the following conditions:  Only with people I have met and you are reasonably certain I would be comfortable with.  And you may not cum.

Gear:  He is your mentor and I trust you.  I do however want to know the details of what you talk about with him so write them down…let him know you are tasked with this (and recording it only implies while I’m away)

Real Life:

Okay, i want you to behave while I am away love and by that I simply mean no sex (any poor men you might want to tease is fare game).  When i get back we will discus it, I would rather it happen when I am here for you if that makes any sense.

You may go out, I would like that in fact and next weekend seems a good time.

Okay, so we are clear. Violating the rules will disappoint me, they are not deal breakers but it would make me more reluctant to give you tasks in the future.

Things that I might not be able to get over:  Non vanilla sex without talking to me first, a threesome (I would have a very hard time with this and I can even explain why if you like), taking another Dom.

I dont expect any of these things to be an issue I am not stating them because i think you will do them if i do not but simply because I like things clear so you understand your place.

3/14/11 You can not cum without my permission.  You may text me “Sir?” and I will respond asap.

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  1. ian says:

    do you charge fees and do you cator for men if so how and when can i start

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